Where to get married in Kildare

You’ve got the perfect groom and the perfect dress, and your hand is tired from showing off your engagement ring, so what’s next? For many couples choosing a wedding venue is often the most difficult part of the wedding preparations. There are so many choices and factors to be considered that the search for a suitable wedding venue can often be frustrating and overwhelming. There are a number of spectacular Irish wedding venues dotted around the country and with our help you will find the perfect location for your special day.

Helpful tips for couples when deciding where to get married in Kildare

While you are reviewing the various wedding venue packages and brochures take note of what services and amenities are included in the overall price; what are the menu selections like? Will it be necessary to bring in an outside caterer? There are also other factors to consider which may affect your choice of Irish wedding venues. Below are some questions every couple should ask themselves when hunting for that perfect location.

  • If your guests are travelling to get to your location is there adequate accommodation to put them all up for the night?
  • Are you going to have a particular theme for your wedding? If so this needs to be decided before you choose your wedding venue; you need to know what décor will complement and enhance your theme.
  • Is it just the reception you will be holding at your wedding venue or would you like to have the ceremony there too?
  • What guest capacity does your chosen wedding venue have ?a good rule of thumb is to consider the amount of invitations you have sent out, usually half to three quarters of the invited guest will attend the wedding.